Special offer for ACGA members and Festival attendees.


      I built the structure for the ACGA website, and left the artistry to ACGA members.  The result:  a stunning website that is attractive throughout. I enjoy working with artists, and know how to let you stay in creative control.

       For ACGA members and attenders of their events. I am offering a free (up to one hour) consultation to see how we can work together, and a 10% discount rate on the first ten hours of website design.  Ten hours is enough to complete a basic studio design.

       Contact me via email at, or via phone at 630-885-7700 (call or text).  Mention the promo code for your discount.  You can also use the Contact option on this site.  I’ll help you fix up your current site, or build a new one.

       Some features I can provide:

  • Gallery of your work linked to online shopping (if desired).
  • Appearance similar to most any style you can show me, or build a new one together.
  • Interactive site building, so you can be involved as much as you wish — every step of the way if you want.
  • Customer forum and feedback
  • Event highlighting and detail pages
  • Melding with an additional site — you keep your current content and seamlessly bring in new.
  • Start/pause development. If you budget is dribbling in, we can add features as you are able to afford them.