Professional Web Portfolio

Please check out these sites for examples of my work.  Click on any site picture to go to that site

Features:  Member-facing and public-facing content, internal social media, eCommerce tied to membership renewal

This site, built for a major artist’s association of nearly 400 members, features tiered membership with access controls, online store, a full member forum, and a professional art gallery.   Stunning visuals were provided by ACGA.  I developed the site in partnership with ACGA artists to provide a beautiful and highly functional site.

Features:  Dual connected sites (Public and Resource/Membership sites), multi-level membership, WIX site combined with WordPress site, non-profit

Upon inheriting the first (WIX) site, I added much more content to it, but saw the limitations of WIX for membership content control.  So I created the second site which the more detailed infrastructure, much of which is not visible unless you are a member.



Features:  unique videos tied to eCommerce

Built for video-enhanced selling, this site shows off the artist’s work with smooth-movement videos, then provides links to further views and shopping.



Features:  (in progress) eCommerce tied to local store POS (Point of Sales), local schedules

This is a sports training site for a local business partnering with nearby schools and facilities.

Features:  simple, stark construction of gallery

This is a simple but elegant gallery display of George Jercich’s expert glass work, designed to display it beautifully and in a well organized, easy to navigate format.  It has online commerce for customers who are drawn in by his work and want to purchase.

Features:  Unique menu, non-traditional design

Designed to mimic the free-flowing nature of an HTML site, this site displays a gallery in unusual ways.

Features:  simple eCommerce tied to unique display


As a ministry to the poor in the Philippines, this non-profit is selling amazing quality women’s accessories from recycled package labels. Features Divi easy setup and e-commerce.

Features:  integrated 360 degree virtual tours


DMR Photography produces amazing 360 degree virtual tours. This site even has a virtual tour as the main page banner. Site is a hybrid Divi with custom programming.


A new site under construction for an established store in the fashion industry.  I integrated client’s art work into the Home page to create a unique composite.


This is a Christian-based blog site devoted to providing faith building arguments based on science as well as scripture.  Currently dormant — looking for authors!